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Professional Certification

The Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®) is an advanced-level, internationally-focussed certification and accredited diploma in corporate security management.  The programme is 12 months by distance learning.

CSMP® Accredited Diploma students include professionals from over 100 countries representing 7 out of the world's biggest 10 companies.

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CSMP® is accredited by Industry Qualifications (IQ) as Level 6 Organisation Diploma for Certified Security Management Professionals.

It is also accredited by Skills for Security, the security skills and standards setting body for the UK, and reflects closely the National Occupational Standards for Security Management.



CSMP® Programme Enrolment

There are regular CSMP® Diploma intakes each year, at approximately two-monthly intervals. 

  • With over 1,000 registered students the CSMP® Accredited Diploma is the world's leading security management combined certification/diploma.  

  • Registrations are now being taken for the 1 August 2016 intake.  Each intake is limited to 100 students.  Click here


  • The April 2015 intake final results have just been published
  • The June 2015 intake is about to complete the programme with Unit 12 - Protection of at-Risk Personnel
  • The August 2015 intake is working on Unit 10 - Facility Counterterrorism
  • The October 2015 intake has embarked on Unit 8 - Video Surveillance (CCTV)
  • The February 2016 intake is undertaking Unit 4 - Leadership and Management Core Skills
  • The April 2016 intake is on Unit 2 - Crime Prevention

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Skills For Security