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Professional Certification

The Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®) is an advanced-level, internationally-focussed certification and accredited diploma in corporate security management.  The programme is 12 months by distance learning.

CSMP® Accredited Diploma students include professionals from over 130 countries representing 7 out of the world's biggest 10 companies.

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CSMP® is accredited by Industry Qualifications (IQ) as Level 6 Organisation Diploma for Certified Security Management Professionals.

It reflects closely the National Occupational Standards for Security Management.



CSMP® Programme Enrolment

There are regular CSMP® Diploma intakes each year, at approximately two-monthly intervals. 

  • With over 1,000 registered students, the CSMP® Accredited Diploma is the world's leading security management combined certification/diploma.  

  • Registrations are now being taken for the 1 February 2018 intake.  Each intake is limited to 100 students.  Click here


  • The February 2017 intake is undergoing the final Unit 12 - Protection of at-Risk Personnnel
  • The April 2017 intake is tackling Unit 10 - Facility Counter Terrorism
  • The June 2017 intake is on Unit 8 - Access Management
  • The August 2017 intake is working on Unit 6 - Perimeter Protection
  • The October 2017 intake is up to Unit 4 - Leadership and Management
  • The December 2017 intake is now on Unit 2 - Crime Prevention

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