The Faculty


Professional Assessment Board (PAB)

2014 saw a significant development in ISMI as a new Professional Assessment Board (PAB) of CSMP-certified professionals became operational.

ISMI has handpicked a global team of practicing security managers and consultants who have demonstrated exceptional ability and qualification in their field.

This ensures that CSMP candidates will be peer-assessed by CSMP-certified professionals of the highest calibre, and provides a continuous improvement mechanism that maintains the relevance, applicability and currency of the course materials.   


Management Team

David Cresswell MSc - Director ISMI and Programme Leader, Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP) Level 6 accredited diploma.   David has extensive global experience in professional development of security managers to MSc level, and has developed many security management courses now used as standard by a large number of multinational organisations.   He holds the MSc in Security and Risk Management from Leicester University.

Janet Ward - Director ISMI, responsible for registration, administration and financial control. Janet has over 20 years' experience working with security managers globally and advising on security management professional development.  She is one of the best-known global figures in this very specialised area.