“What a fantastic course this has been!”

Security Engineer, UK


“Challenging, very rewarding and fulfilling.  I have learned so very much and begun applying it immediately”

Security Manager, one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups


“It was a rigorous, well structured, informative and enjoyable course and I value the accreditation”

Security Consultant, Australia


“Personally, I would highly recommend the programme and would promote the idea of promulgating it towards members of your team to establish a single language within your business”

Regional Security Officer, Global Communications and Engineering Company


“CSMP® is not just a course, it is a way of living for security professionals; it is that one language which we all share”

Chief Security Officer, Automobile Manufacturing


“The course material is amazing self-explaining”

Police Officer


“Had an interview with xxxx.   Panel Chairman had clearly done the ISMI® CSMP® Diploma”

Prospective Job Candidate for UK Critical National Infrastructure role


“The course is brilliant and I have learned a great deal”

Security Contractor, Afghanistan


“I am enjoying the course”

Security Manager, UK Top 5 Insurance Company


“The programme is really interesting”

Technical Security Contractor, Republic of Georgia


“The programme is challenging but I am confident that I will pass it”

Country Head of Security, FMCG, Bangladesh


“Thank-you for the very interesting module content”

Country Security Manager, Global Oil and Gas Company