Certified Security Manager® (CSM®)

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The new Certified Security Manager (CSM®) certification is an intermediate-level qualification aimed at security management professionals as an alternative (or stepping stone) to the more demanding CSMP® Accredited Diploma.

It is intended to meet the requirements of professionals for whom the full Ofqual-regulated CSMP® Level 6 Accredited Diploma isn't the right fit.

The CSM® is based on the ISMI® Security Management Body of Good Practice, a 12-volume set of .pdf textbooks that also form the core of the reference material for the CSMP®.

The CSM® award comprises preparatory reading followed by two formally assessed elements, both of which must be completed in order to qualify for the certification:

  1. A 120-question, two-hour multiple-choice question paper, with many items case-study oriented in order to assess and benchmark your ability as a practitioner.
  2. A security survey report, through which you will demonstrate appropriate application of the ISMI® Security Management Body of Knowledge.

The all-inclusive fee of £ (GBP) 785 (+ VAT where applicable) will include all materials, examination fees, survey report coaching and assessment.

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