CSM® Overview

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The Certified Security Manager (CSM®) certification is an intermediate-level qualification aimed at security management professionals as an alternative (or stepping stone) to the more demanding CSMP® Accredited Diploma. The preparation process is self-study.

The CSM® is based on the ISMI® Security Management Body of Knowledge, a 12-volume set of .pdf textbooks that also form the core of the reference material for the CSMP® Diploma. 


The CSM® programme comprises two elements, both of which must be completed in order to qualify for the certification:

  • A 120-question, two-hour multiple-choice examination, which is live-streamed online to a terminal of your choice (e.g. your own laptop) and at a time of your choice.  Many items are case-study oriented in order to assess and benchmark specifically your ability as a practitioner.
  • A security survey report, through which you will demonstrate appropriate application of the ISMI® Security Management Body of Knowledge to a context of your choosing.

Fees and Materials

The all-inclusive fee of £ (GBP) 785 (+ VAT where applicable) will include all materials, examination fees, survey report coaching and assessment.

Try your hand at some example questions by clicking here.

Suitable for

  • Those in a management or supervisory position and for whom the alternative CSMP® Diploma is too time consuming or, for other reasons, unattainable.
  • Those who aspire to a role in security management and who already have the necessary aptitude.
  • Multi-hatted managers, who are the focal points for security alongside other areas of business responsibility.
  • Supervisors who are seeking to demonstrate their suitability for career advancement.
  • Organisations with a CSMP® head and which wish to consolidate CSMP® practice across the security team.

Application Process and/or Enquiries

Please email enquiries@ismi.org.uk  If you can submit a CV or advise of your LinkedIn profile, it will help us in reviewing your application.

Reading Speed and English Standard

Is your reading speed sufficient?  We try to keep the page count of module textbooks to below 100 pages, but this nevertheless requires a good reading speed of English.  Average readers of English reach around 200 words per minute and the programme is predicated on this ability level.   Typically, you can expect to spend up to five hours to reach each module textbook.

While ISMI® doesn’t require formal proof of English language ability to be accepted to undertake the CSM®, if you are not a native speaker of English your proficiency should be at one of the following equivalences to be able to use the course materials effectively:

IELTS Band 6 score http://ielts-academic.com/2012/06/28/how-to-get-a-band-6-score-in-academic-ielts/

Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams/advanced/