Examination Procedures

The Candidate Handbook (issued on registration) provides detailed information on examination procedures that apply to the CSM®.  If you are not yet a candidate and require information on the examination process and procedures, please email certification@ismi.org.uk

The CSM® examination is closed-book and comprises 120 multiple choice questions (items), which you are required to complete in a single session, uninterrupted by breaks, within a two-hour window.

All questions are worth the same number of points and are presented in subject order as per /csm%C2%AE/csm%C2%AE-programme-content.aspx

To pass the examination phase of the certification, candidates have to score at least 75%.

Examination sessions are subject to strict regulations, which will be emailed when a candidate’s booking confirmation is accepted.  The regulations can also be found on page 15 (Annex B) of the Candidate Handbook, which you will have received on application to ISMI® and which is also available via candidates’ ISMI® Online Library accounts.  It is not permitted to access the handbook during the examination session so regulations must be memorised.  

It is the candidates’ responsibility to ensure that they comply with all regulations, noting that non-compliance may result in termination of the examination.