Profiles of a Sample of the Candidates Undertaking CSMP


Tony is a risk and security consultant for a top 5 Fortune 500 oil and gas multinational.  He has extensive experience in high-risk locations including Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, and is currently in Beirut.  He hopes to use the CSMP to move up the security ladder in to corporate security. 


Dawit is a former Ethiopian Air Force fighter pilot, who is now working with the United Nations in Syria as a Fled Coordination Officer.   He is using the CSMP programme to improve his knowledge in security management.


Davies is from Nigeria and is a security coordinator with Africa’s leading telecoms provider.  A former career police officer, Davies is already extensively educated with a BA and MA, and is now studying for his LLB.  He sees the CSMP programme as a means to broaden his security knowledge.


Robin is Director of Security at a leading US university and has many certifications and qualifications to his name, including CPP, PSP, PCI and MSc in Security Management. His career has been long and varied, including service as a USAF pilot and later as an FBI supervisory special agent.  He is undertaking CSMP to seek out new perspectives, new techniques and philosophies regarding the design and management of security systems.


George is the Greece Country Security Champion for the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company.  A relative newcomer to security following a career in facilities management, George plans to use this programme to help him master the extensive demands of the security management function.


Fadyl is a security consultant in Sri Lanka, active across a wide range of sectors including the National Olympic Committee. Having retired from the Sri Lankan Army Signal Corps as a Brigadier, he is vastly experienced and his skills are much in demand.   


Ghazy is the Operations Director for a major Lebanese security company. He has 28 years of extensive experience in the Lebanese Army in the design and implementation of complex security plans and operations and retired as commanding officer, having been highly decorated, with awards also from US Army training academies.  Ghazy hopes to use this programme to improve his knowledge.


Ian is MD and owner of a small fishing company based on Lake Kariba, Zambia, although he is a security consultant by profession, having served in the military and travelled extensively. He is undertaking the CSMP to earn an internationally-recognised, professional security certification.  


Daniel is a British Project Risk Manager in Kabul.  Beginning with a career in the British Army, he then moved into the private security industry and is now seeking to move into senior security management, hence his motivation for undertaking this programme.


Zaza is the Regional Security Officer at a Georgian subcontractor involved with a strategic oil pipeline linking Central Asia with Europe and which has been described as “one of the great engineering endeavours of the new millennium”.  Prior to entering the civilian security field, Zaza worked in law enforcement with the Georgian NCB of Interpol and has been trained by the FBI at Quantico.  He is using the CSMP programme to help him master many accepted practices of successful security management.


Ridzuan is a manager in the security department of national central bank of a major SE Asian country. He is an IT graduate with a keen interest in generic security management. Having already attended several courses with the ARC Training International Academy for Security Management, Ridzuan is keen to achieve the CSMP to demonstrate his professional credentials.


Uche is the Nigeria Country Security Manager for the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company.  A former bank security manager and prior to that former soldier, decorated for his service with the UN in Somalia, Uche is educated to BSc level and has attended courses delivered by the ARC Training International Academy for Security Management.  Uche sees the real value of this course in equipping him with the knowledge and skills to become a security consultant after his full-time career as a manager has ended.