Accreditation (SFJ Awards Customised)


The Benefits to You of Customised Accreditation



The Certified Security Management Professional (CSMP®) is formally accredited by SFJ Awards in accordance with ISMI®’s aim to provide the profession with the leading internationally adopted diploma in security management at advanced level, with emphasis on developing and benchmarking practitioner skills.   


Selecting a “best in class” accreditation partner with the appropriate model for customised accreditation is important in enabling ISMI® to maintain full control over the quality and ongoing development of course materials and assessment instruments, with students supported by a team of formally-approved and audited assessors and coaches, selected exclusively from the top-5% performing of previous students.  Being coached and assessed by formally-qualified fellow security managers adds considerable value and credibility to your CSMP® experience.


The accreditation route that allows ISMI® to retain full control over the quality and ongoing development of CSMP®, and full ownership over the CSMP® intellectual property rights, is the Ofqual-regulated UK awarding body SFJ Awards Custom Certification Process. The SFJ Awards Custom Certification Process recognises unique training programmes within a standard comparable to regulated qualifications, but where the owner’s preference is to retain full control over access to a bespoke programme that can only be offered by the owner.


In line with the highest expectations of quality control, this form of accreditation requires that every batch of Diplomas be externally moderated by SFJ Awards and that ISMI® and its procedures be inspected and audited annually by SFJ Awards.


The qualification title bestowed upon the CSMP® by SFJ Awards, and which appears on the Diploma document, is the “Level 6 Organisation Diploma for Certified Security Management Professionals.”


The CSMP® is recognised by Leicester University as a pathway to the MSc in Security and Risk Management.  See for a case study.


The CSMP® may be used as a path to membership of The Security Institute, see ScoringMatrix.pdf (


What Is a (UK) Level 6 Diploma?


A Level 6 course is an advanced-level course within the UK Qualifications Framework, and can be taken at a university in the form of an honours degree, or elsewhere in the form of a graduate diploma, a graduate certificate, an award, an NVQ Level 6 or a degree apprenticeship.


A Level 6 course demands a developed level of knowledge in the given subject, and upon successful completion, provides the student with either a bachelor’s degree or a diploma, certificate or award in the given subject, indicating on their CV and to potential employers that they have an advanced understanding of the topic at a sophisticated level.