The CSMP® Diploma is accredited by Industry Qualifications (IQ).



Industry Qualifications (IQ) is one of the fastest growing awarding organisations in the UK, and is well-known to those in the security industry.  With its emphasis on the development of vocational qualifications that have strong academic rigor, IQ is the perfect partnership match for ISMI.  IQ accredits the CSMP as the Level 6 Organisation Diploma for Certified Security Management Professionals.  


An Explanation of How IQ Accredits the CSMP® Diploma

The CSMP® Diploma is a customised qualification and has been awarded a Level 6 Diploma status by the Awarding Organisation IQ (Industry Qualifications).  The IQ Customised Qualification Framework (CQF) is a qualifications framework which has exactly the same external quality assurance as the national QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework).

The Level denotes the educational levels of difficulty.   Levels are awarded from entry level to level 8. A level 6 indicates that it is at an advanced level, equivalent in terms of academic rigor to 3rd year Bachelor degree.

To qualify for Diploma status the notional hours of learning required are a minimum of 370.  The number of hours equates to the number of credits awarded (1 credit equals 10 hours of learning).   The CSMP is worth 37 credits.

These credits may be used towards higher education in UK, but this will be at the discretion of individual education institutions who will also take into account the relevance of the acquired qualification for the new programme.