Ethical Code

As a CSMP or member of ISMI, you will be obligated to the following ethical code:


  • You should have as your primary duty your obligation to your employing organisation and to the success of its mission.
  • You should perform your professional duties in accordance with relevant law and the highest moral principles.
  • You should pay due regard to human rights, equality and diversification and not engage in discriminatory behaviour.
  • You should respect the rights of others in performing professional responsibilities.
  • You should not knowingly become professionally associated with those who don’t conform to the highest professional standards.
  • You should observe the precepts of truthfulness, honesty, and integrity, and not knowingly spread false information or defame any individual.
  • You should be faithful and diligent in discharging professional responsibilities and not engage in any conflict of interest unless fully disclosed.
  • You should not claim competence or skill when not possessed.
  • You should safeguard all confidential information (including personal private information) that the privilege of your office allows you access to.