Book Reviews


Title The Security Manual
Author David Booksbank
Publisher Gower
Cost £15.99 (Amazon)
Review This is an excellent book for the guardforce. My recommendation would be to issue every security officer with a copy. It can be used to develop training, tests, develop procedures etc. 200+ pages packed with instructions on how to carry out basic security officer duties.
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Title The Encyclopaedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention
Author Bonnie Fischer and Steven Lab
Publisher Sage
Cost £250 (Amazon)

The price tag may seem a little expensive, but compared with other publication that just scratch the surface of this subject, or that get diverted off at a tangent, this is an excellent desktop resource proving clear definitions and explanations of almost any crime motivation and crime prevention theory you can imagine.

The explanations are concise, so the book isn’t intended as a stand-alone reference to study concepts such as CPTED, Rational Choice Theory etc., but if you want a straight-to-the point, tight explanation of almost any crime prevention concept, you will find it in here.

ISMI Recommends ♥♥♥



Title The Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems
Author Mary-Lynn Garcia
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Cost £36.95 (Amazon)

This is an excellent book if you want a better understanding of physical protection systems, methodologies to estimate their performance, and how the various elements of deterrence, detection, delay and response interact.  Not a book you can dip into, however.  It should be read cover to cover, and it does tend to repeat itself unnecessarily at times. Nevertheless, unique.

ISMI Recommends ♥♥♥




Implementing Physical Protection Systems, Edn 2


David Patterson




£59.46 (Amazon)


Patterson provides an excellent step-by-step process for the selection, procurement and installation and testing of physical protection systems. The book also includes a very useful chapter on project management.   The price tag is hefty, typical of ASIS publications, considering this is a short book and lacks diagrams, but the content is very useful and overall it is a very good purchase.

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