Coaching Calls

Students are encouraged to make use of the coaching call facility.  One 25-minute call per assignment is bundled in with the course fee.


Due to the fact that students, and often coaches, are in locations where there may be restricted infrastructure or limited bandwidth, the standard medium for calls is telephone/audio, with the student initiating the call after first arranging for an appointment with the coach by email.


Coaches also have Skype and WhatsApp, but with these means it is preferable to select audio rather than video in order to ensure the call quality and clarity corresponds with the available bandwidth.


The pandemic has led to the proliferation of multiple and competing video call services, such as Zoom, Teams, Google Duo, Go to Meeting, Webex, Vowel, Slack etc.  As ISMI® coaches are independent contractors it isn’t possible to require them to have all of the available video call options installed.  However, a wider range of call options is available under the provisions of the self-paced course.


For students who are located in countries in which Skype and WhatsApp are blocked (i.e. the UAE), it may be possible to arrange special provision via Zoom, if the option of buying a pre-paid telephone calling card isn’t available.


Disclaimer: Whenever initiating a call using third party VOIP services, the student implicitly accepts that service’s privacy and data handling policy.