Covid-19 and Resilience

Understanding that different countries are at different points in the evolution of Covid-19, at ISMI® we have taken steps to maintain continuity of service.  Foremost among these are:


  1. Uploading of all future assignments to the online library.  We advise you to download and organise on your PCs all documents relating to current and future modules in order to mitigate against any unforeseen web or ISP interruptions.
  2. Self-Isolation.  The ISMI® Directors are in self-isolation to ensure continuity of service.  This will continue indefinitely.
  3. Social Distancing.  The critical coaches are socially distancing, and in some cases in semi-isolation.  Moreover, they are geographically dispersed throughout the UK, France, the US, South Africa and Canada.
  4. Assessor Redundancy. We have a 40+ globally-dispersed and resilience-trained team of assessors, of whom in a typical month 15 are required to assess.  We therefore have adequate contingency and succession planning to continue assessment within the stipulated timeframes.


We have the technology, dispersed systems and security remote access control in place to support the above.


We wish you well through these difficult times.