Student Correspondence and Subject Lines

Helping Us to Help You: Reminder on Construction of Subject Lines and Assignment Filenames "[student nr][name][unit nr] [subject]"


We aim to provide you with fast feedback and useful guidance, 7 days a week and across holidays.  However, as we have multiple intakes running concurrently, each at various stages of the programme, and a student base of 10,000 security management professionals, we need your help with a simple matter in order to serve you efficiently.


There is a set protocol for subject lines (see below) that we require in order to provide you with assistance. This ensures that your email is auto-filtered for our attention/action and we have a searchable record of any correspondence. 


Additionally, if you recycle a generic subject line for an urgent individual request it will likely be auto-filed, unseen, by our Outlook inbox rules.


With between 500-1,000 actionable emails a day into ISMI® inboxes from students across 30 past and current intakes, we use subject line filter rules for incoming mail in Outlook.  Your student nr in the subject line to precede the subject matter identifies to us your intake and your status, so this, together with your name and a couple of words to describe the email purpose is required to ensure your email isn’t missed and filed away unseen, e.g. “12345A YourName Extranet Library Access Problem”.  Other examples:



Subject: 12345A JohnSmith Unit1 final

Subject: 12345A JohnSmith Deferral Enquiry

Subject: 12345A JohnSmith Unit1 coaching call request

Subject: 12345A JohnSmith Unit2 request for background doc ABC

Subject: 12345A JohnSmith Unit5 request for early access to the U9 textbook


Please be reminded also of the format for workbook filenaming, which enables us to index, identify and track your submission efficiently through assessment.


[student nr][name][unit nr]final (or draft, as appropriate)




12345A JohnSmith Unit1 final.doc


Or, in the case of drafts:


12345A JohnSmith Unit1 draft.doc